The Centipede–Story

Another open ended story. For those reading an open ended story here for the first time, the introductory comments are attached:

An open-ended story is an invitation to see your own situation from a fresh perspective. Unlike conventional stories, there is no specific point or moral or lesson to take away. It can be enjoyed for itself, or converted figuratively to help interpret an actual situation in a new way. In this sense, it is not an intellectual exercise, rather just an opportunity to see if any ideas resonate.

You may interpret it in your own way. Further, as time and conditions change, an individual may see a different aspect from one reading to the next. And if this type of thing doesn’t interest you or nothing resonates, just pass on by.


The Centipede


Once a centipede was asked how he could operate all of his numerous feet in such an orderly manner without getting them confused. The centipede shook his head, shrugged, and said that he had never given it a thought. From that time on, the centipede became unable to move, the legs all got in the way of one another. Only when there was a loud noise that frightened him could he move as before. The rest of the time he stumbled.

Here are a couple of points to chew on:

When does thought get in the way?

What is the appropriate use?

What other methods of cognition are available and how can they be developed?

The entries in this blog often follow the line that “Thinking helps”, but thinking is only part of it.


A different type of thinking limitation,  cultural conditioning, is illustrated in the story:  Tewa Initiation and Clifford Geertz 


2 Responses to The Centipede–Story

  1. doodle55 says:

    hey i heard this one before. on tv . its true is it. have u asked the centipede?

  2. zombiekid says:

    this one’s really popular…but it also has a reflection! what comes naturally to a being does not require thinking…its in it nature, isn’t it??

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