Frog School of Management–Story

Watch how a frog conducts his business.

The frog sits on a rock, usually in the sun, and appears almost motionless. The frog appears to be asleep, or at least not conscious of the environment. But when a fly goes by, the tongue flashes out in an instant, the meal is had. The frog was not asleep, but awake to his goal and took swift action at the appropriate moment.

Consider the key management activities of the frog:


Clearly defined, but not broadcast to the competition.

Economy of resources

No wasted activity. No need for busy work.

Alert to Opportunity

Even though it may be a while before conditions are right, the moment is recognized.

Rapid Action

When it is time to act, the response is fast and effective. No time for discussions and meetings!

The tuition charge from the frog is much less than a training program!

Two other interesting facts about frogs:

In some parts of the world, statues of frogs represent being awake.

However, in scientific circles, there is animated debate about frog consciousness.


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