Independent Yet Connected–Story

Another open ended story.. For those reading an open ended story here for the first time, the introductory comments are attached:

An open-ended story is an invitation to see your own situation from a fresh perspective. Unlike conventional stories, there is no specific point or moral or lesson to take away. It can be enjoyed for itself, or converted figuratively to help interpret an actual situation in a new way. In this sense, it is not an intellectual exercise, rather just an opportunity to see if any ideas resonate.

It can be interpreted in an individual way. Further, as time and conditions change, an individual may see a different aspect from one reading to the next. And if this type of thing doesn’t interest you or nothing resonates, just pass on by

Indpendent Yet Connected–Story

A young boy came of age during a time of political change. A time of oppression was being uprooted by the call for freedom. In his village, the men would sit and argue passionately into the night about these changes. Ideas and hopes for freedom never spoken before were debated. The boy listened. Once he had heard them, the ideas had a life of their own within him. They were out and could never be banished or returned to the source.

Years later as an old man, a grandfather, he played with his granddaughter and followed her into the meadow chasing butterflies. The young girl ran through the field and with both hands closing captured one in the open space of her cupped hands. “Grandpa, I have a butterfly. He’s mine.” “Well, let’s see.” said the old man. “Very slowly, just open your hand and see what the butterfly does. The girl watched it freely flutter away.

Now a mature young woman, the granddaughter was pursued by a suitor who is deeply in love with her. The young man loved her desperately and did everything that he could to try to win her affection. But still she would not commit. “I will do anything for you, what do you want? Will you stay with me?” He said. Her reply: “In order to stay, I must have the freedom to leave.”


Additional Stories

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From one perspective, each incident stands independent and complete.

From another perspective, the incidents are connected by the idea as it transformed in time and location. Then, each incident is both a consequence and effect of the previous one, and a contributor to the cause of the following one. Each is a cause and effect.

The effect of any activity, even when it appears to be trivial at the time, cannot be known. So each activity demands care and attention.


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