The Bird in the Cage–Story

A bird found himself in a cage.The cage life was really all he remembered and, as such, it seemed like a normal life for a bird.

It was a decent sized cage and there was enough room to move around comfortably, although not to fly.He regularly toured the cage, often finding some twigs, straw, cloth, some food and water.Well, the bird thought, since he was here, he may as well make himself comfortable.So, he began making a crude nest.As time went on, he found other things around to make himself a first class home, with plenty of diversions and food.Not too bad, he thought.It might be nice to try out the wings, but then again he was comfortable.

One day, during his regular inspection, he was surprised to see that the cage had a door!The cage had not been changed, the door had always been there, the bird had simply not noticed it before.The bird was intrigued and inspected it further.To his astonishment, the latch of the door was not locked.With one peck on his part, the latch disengaged and the door swung open.

There were never any constraints, just the lack of recognition of the actual situation. The bird perched at the threshold of flying into freedom. Ready to go out, or not?


Just because it appears normal, is that the way it really is?

Is comfort enough, even when restrictive.

Ready to go out, or not?

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One Response to The Bird in the Cage–Story

  1. Josefa Medellin says:

    Looking foward to the opening of that door. A wonderful story. Thank you for showing us the way.

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