Cold Remedies, Miso Soup, and the Influence of Advertising

There have not been many advertisements for miso soup. However, miso with scallions is a stronger cold medicine than most of the common remedies that are more profitable for the healthcare industry.

The ingredients in miso soup have a long record of warding off colds. Miso with scallions is an old Chinese herbal remedy. Its documentation goes back to the 4th century when the famous Chinese herbalist Ge Hong (284-363) wrote about it in a book “Zhou hou bei ji fang”, rendered in translation as “Handbook of Prescriptions for Emergencies.”

The soup has great value when used at the very first indication of a cold—headache, stuffy nose, slight fever, dry, scratchy throat. It should be taken immediately, not to even wait for the next meal. Then rest in bed, covered to induce sweating.

The first 4-6 hours are crucial. The formula can knock the cold out then, but later, after the cold develops, it’s too late. Other remedies are necessary.

It doesn’t matter if you believe this or not. Miso is just healthy food so anyone can try it for themselves and decide based on their own experience.

This information came to me recently. It worked. It is not described on the medical reference sites for colds on the web (i.e. Mayo Clinic, Wellness Letters etc.). Few people have ever heard this since there is no money to be made selling small amounts of soy bean paste and scallions. Perhaps someone will package it up, advertise, and sell it for a good profit. Then people may take notice.

In case you decide to try, here is the simplest recipe. Be sure to include the rootlets of the scallions.

Miso Soup


1 1/2 cups water.

1-2 Tablespoon Miso or red soy bean paste (usually sold in the refrigerated section).

6-8 green onions stalks also known as scallions, (white part) chopped. It is important to include the little rootlets from the scallions in the soup.


Bring water to a boil in a saucepan and add the miso & scallions.

Simmer for 5-10 minutes, no longer.

Lie down to rest covered up for a couple of hours to induce sweating.



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