Common Sense, Carpal Tunnel Information, Treatment Options, and Acupuncture

In almost every large office, it seems that you pass someone wearing a wrist brace and a report of carpal tunnel. Some people suffer for years. Then, they may find that they did not get the most appropriate information or treatment.

If you search the web for “carpal tunnel treatment options”, a prominent site is published by the Mayo Clinic. The available progressive treatment options:

Splint or brace

Non-steroid anti-inflammatories

Cortisone injection

Surgery (open incision or endoscopic)

The same progression is listed on a number of similar sites such as the National Institutes of Health and the American Academy of Family Physicians.

There is something missing here. For example, we know a number of people who have gotten excellent results using acupuncture procedures. These are real people, with actual experiences, but their treatment method seems to be ignored in the searched options.

This omission of information has to do with the way medicine is merchandised. If a physician or institution doesn’t sell the procedure, it’s not listed as an option. Other established procedures not available there may be mentioned with doubt or vague anecdotes. Disinformation may not be good medicine, but it is good marketing.

The sufferer must get the full background information himself. No one else will do it. The most reliable way is ask and learn from people who have had personal experience. It only takes a few questions and contacts to have access to the network of sufferers out there who have used acupuncture. Track down these professionals who have a record of excellent results treating carpal tunnel so that you can choose whether it fits into your treatment options. Anecdotes about unknown people, advertisements, commercial web references generally have little value.

Common Sense Approach to Treatment Options

Sufferers generally follow a prescribed program working through the options until the results are satisfactory. It is important to consider the options early, since after people begin a treatment or engage a physician, they tend to remain with it rather than evaluate new information and make a change.

With full information, different perspectives for treatment options can be considered. The objective is to reduce pain as fast as possible by working through the options in an appropriate order.

1. Methods with speed and no side effects

Acupuncture methods may not be familiar, but progress can be evaluated over a relatively short time period.

Braces and Splints

2. Drugs

Non-steroid anti-inflammatories, Cortisone injection

3. Invasive–Surgery

Open incision or Endoscopic

The important point is to recognize that no group will provide the sufferer with the full range of options available. However, to obtain information about less familiar methods, such as acupuncture, find the people who have had actual results and the professionals who did the treatment. Then use the information as appropriate .


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