Zen Meditation at All Souls Church–City Tiger Zendo

On-going, Wednesdays;   

Currently not meeting

Contact at schubertnyc@gmail.com for current meetings


“To encounter the dharma (truth) is rarer than encountering a tiger in the City.”

City Tiger Zendo derives its name from this line in the classic Zen koan collection, the Denkoroku.  Zen is an opportunity to encounter and experience the truth or nature of one’s own life.

Zen practice raises energy and clarity and reminds us to be fully alive at each moment. People of various faiths and no particular faith have discovered in Zen practice a profound connection to life. Through this practice of stillness and awareness, we wake to a world of wonder and gratitude for life in all its aspects- in its splendor, in its ordinariness, and even in its pain. It deepens our compassion, wisdom in action. Compassionate action is a central outcome to a meditation practice. The form of the action depends upon the unique circumstances and gifts of the individual. People come to meditate here for different reasons. Many have a curiosity about meditation, and stay to have it satisfied or move on. Beginners are especially encouraged. Some use the practice to energize their activities in other areas. Others use it as a way to deepen their own spiritual practices. All are welcome, whether they come once, occasionally, or every week.

Details: Meditation is held each Wednesday from 6:50 to 8:30 pm at the Unitarian Church of All Souls 1157 Lexington Ave at 80th St. (Enter through the garden at the right of the Church). There are three 25 minute meditation periods with walking meditation between sitting periods.  There is usually a short talk and anopportunity for individual meeting with a teacher.  Cushions and chairs are provided. Introductory and refresher instructions activity is always available. Individual interviews with a teacher are also available. Wear comfortable clothing. Free will offerings ($5-7 suggested) are used to defray costs. Reservations are not necessary. Additional information from Peggy and Paul Schubert, schubertnyc@gmail.com

2 Responses to Zen Meditation at All Souls Church–City Tiger Zendo

  1. Brian Mahan says:

    My wife and I attended Zen for the first time last night and were delighted both by how Paul lead the sitting periods and by the folks we met there. Thank you for hosting this fine ministry.

    Brian J. Mahan and Kim Boykin

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