About PS

Perspective is shaped by many factors–culture, education, work, life experience, and the individual teaching of others. My perspectives here are simply to contribute to the shaping of others perspectives. It is the contribution of a diversity of experiences and perspectives that allow each of us to develop and express our own unique view.

The Working articles are grounded my experiences of industry in manufacturing, research, and management over 25 years. Some articles are based on problems discussed with mentors and employees. Others were developed to address specific needs of individuals or the organization. The most popular articles (employee reviews, efficient meetings, presentations, multi-tasking, etc) have also been used, in more detail, as topics in one day courses for relatively new employees. Exposure of new employees to a number of these topics lays the groundwork to build upon when there the situation develops to use them. People are welcome to use them for this purpose or to contact me for more detailed information.   As background, I have a PhD in Chemical Engineering and most recently retired as a Director of Chemical Engineering Research and Development from Merck & Co.

The Education and Teaching Problem Solving articles are based on experiences as a teacher both at the College and High School level as well as a tutor. Developing effective problem solving skills in students (and everyone else for that matter) is of particular importance to me. There is too much inefficiency as a consequence of lack of clarity or “fuzzy thinking”. We all can benefit from sharpening our skills and explicitly working to develop them in others. Currently, I am a Visiting Professor, Science  and teach Chemistry at Bard HS  Early College in New York City. (This is a public high school operated in association with Bard College where students can earn an Associates degree from Bard after 4 years.) Some of the articles are based on the unique challenges there. I had previously been on the Engineering faculty at Polytechnic University in Brooklyn for 5 years.

The Stories and Zen and Science articles are based on my practice as a Zen student for the past 20 years and, more recently, as a Zen teacher in the White Plum Asanga. Many of the stories have been used in short talks over the years. However, my oral commentary has been stripped out, since those comments had a context for an earlier time and place, and are less useful here. Open ended questions are included as a reminder that the stories are both entertaining and can also be used to extend one’s perspective. I was installed as an independent Zen teacher by my teacher Roshi Robert Kennedy of Jersey City, NJ tin 2007. We have two Zen meditation groups in New York City, and support both students and independent Zen meditation groups. (Teaching Schedule)

Finally, the Parenting articles are based on our experiences as the parents of two children. Different perspectives are helpful here. Everyone has a few experiences to contribute, no one has the whole picture.

That summarizes it. Use these short articles if they can be of benefit; ignore them otherwise. If you have some follow-up comments, you are welcome to contact me.

Paul Schubert


Updated Feb, 2009


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  1. Claire Chouinard says:

    I’m looking for an old friend that studied at Buffalo U., Played Hockey and visited me in Montreal a long ….time ago.

    Is it you.


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