About Working with Insight

Working is used here to refer to any activity—on the job, parenting, traveling–examples are tasks associated with the job project, caring for children, spouses, or elderly, driving, housework, schoolwork etc. Many of these tasks are routine and performed everyday. Others are encountered only once. Each task requires time, energy, and is done with a purpose or objective.

The direction here is to provide examples, together with tools, in order to to perform future tasks more efficiently and with higher quality decisions and results. These general tools, which may be good practices, frameworks, applied common sense or experience, can be applied to new tasks in the future.

Just thinking about the examples and general methods now will help to get better results when the pressure is on for different activities at a later time.

Most posts  describes an actual problem, outlines the details and options, and describes the facts or principles that guided the decision. There may also be a link to the other categories that discusses the principle in more detail. The information in this section can be used to both provide additional detail of the principles and provide a basis to apply the principles to your own specific working task.

A second, complementary purpose is to work with insight to develop more tools to use on these life tasks. These tools may be in the form of posted papers discussing best practices on specific subjects, general principles, application of experience to a new area, mental experiments, or open ended interpretative stories to drive the imagination.

Contact with comments or questions: thinkinghelps@gmail.com



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