Academic Survival–The First College Semester

Always looking for a teacher. Sometimes asking for a boss.

Another Lousy Presentation at Work

Asking Good Quick Questions

Baby Sitters and an Emergency–Guiding the Response

Balancing Management and Technical Priorities-Recognize Problems before Projects Fail

Bird in the Cage-Story

The Blue Sky Bird–Story

The Boat Story

The Centipede Story

Coaching for Improving Employee Performance–Imitation, Overcoming Failure, Intuition (Working)

Chasing the Ball into the Street

Child Sleeping Problems–3 Parent Activities to Reduce Frustration

Cleaning House–Saving Memories, Losing Junk

Coaching for Improved Employee Performance–Imitation, Overcoming Failure, Intuition

Cold Remedies, Miso Soup, and the Influence of Advertising (Health)

Common Sense, Carpal Tunnel Information, Treatment Options and Acupuncture
Creative Procrastination–Less Worry, Less Work (Working)

Dealing With a Bad Performance Appraisal (Working)

Dealing with Contractors–“Working Theories”

Deciding to Let a Child Travel Alone

Digging Deeper for Ideas–Stealing from Hegel

Digging Deeper for Ideas (2)–Playing with Syncretism

Disrupting the Cycle of Inefficient Meetings

Effective Quantitative Problem Solving Methods (Teaching Problem Solving)

Elephants, Blind Men, and the Vision of a Manager (Story)

Eliminating Mental Bias Decision Errors

Employee Performance Appraisal Ranking Methods–Lessons about Flaws from “Arrows Paradox”

Feynman Asks a Question (Zen and Science, Stories)

Finding and Hiring a Tutor–Interviewing for Value

Finding Things–Lost Your Flash Drive

Foam Blocks for Bathtime–Good Clean Fun

Frog School of Management

The Frog that Lived in the Well (Story)

Get a Better Deal–Quantitative Decisionmaking

Getting and Giving Directions–Listening for Consequences

Getting Ideas into the Discussion

Getting Off Academic Probation–Looking Further for Success

Great Ideas Going Nowhere–Getting Projects Launched

Independent Yet Connected–Story

Intuitive Decisions–Allowing a child more responsibility

Limited by Experience–The Cicada and the Wren (Story)

Manager’s Performance Appraisal–Assessing Contributions to Subordinates’ Growth (Working)

Managing Multiple Projects–A Juggler’s View

Managing Priority Conflicts for Productive Results (Working)

Mediation, Science, and the Western Perspective

Minimizing the Frustration of Working for an Indecisive Manager (Working)

The Monk Challenges His Teacher

The Monk Hakuin and the Baby–Just the way it is

The Moon Illusion (Zen and Science, Stories)

Natural History, Natural Mind (Zen and Science)

Offering Zen to Students–Letting the Practice Speak for Itself (Teaching Schedule)

Office Backstabbing 101

The Prince Who Became a Cuckoo (Story)

Prepared by Not Ready–Story

Presenting Quantitative Information Well–Lessons from Playwrights

Preventing Common Household Accidents-Swiss Cheese Model

Project Reality Checks–Keeping Perspective or Heading in the Wrong Direction

Put Aside the First Idea–Increase Perception by Learning from the Oulipians

Recognizing Flawed Concepts

Slacking Off Without Consequences–Practical Risk Management

Stuck at the Airport

Stuck with a Bad Performance Review–Making it Worse (Working)

Recognizing Incompetence Early–Pretending to be a Manager (Working)

Riding an Ox, Looking for an Ox–Story

Setting Priorities to Improve Productivity–Busy May be Necessary, Complications are Optional

Stacking Cups for Imagination–A Great Baby Toy Not Found at (Many) Stores

Struggling to Give a Good Employee Appraisal–Maintaining Credibility

Stuck with a Bad Performance Review–Making It Worse

Teaching Problem Solving to Students–Tools and Resources

Teaching Problem Solving to Students–Goals and Strategy

Teaching Problem Solving to Students–Cycle of Confusion/Resourcefulness/Confidence

Tewa Initiation and Clifford Geertz-Story

The Tigers and the Strawberry

Two Monks and a Woman-Story

The Monk’s Test (Story)

Using Ignorance Wisely-From Spiritual Teachers to Parents and Managers (Parenting, Working)

Using Micromanagers to Sharpen Skills–Prepare to Implement Solutions@Lowest Valued Added Cost

Working Smart–Strategies for Difficult Exams (Education, Teaching Problem Solving to Students)


What was I Thinking? I Knew That! Reduce Mental Errors

When Things Go Wrong–Initial Responses

Working Beyond Everyday Expectations–Learning from Rain (Working)

Zen Lightning (Stories)

Zen Teaching Schedule (Teaaching Schedule)

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